A Little Guide To: Budget-Friendly Gear Options and Activities!

Disclaimer: I’ll be using little/caregiver terms, specifically Daddy/little,  in this post as I’ll be speaking from my experience being a little on a budget and sharing my tips and tricks. Feel free to swap out little and caregiver for whichever identifier you fall under! 

With the personal aspect of social media and people sharing their lives with us, sometimes there can be a misunderstanding or an expectation as to one needs to have or do to “be” a/an -insert identifier here-. The truth is…you don’t need anything to be a little, caregiver, middle, pet, or however else you may identify as it isn’t about what stuff you have but who you are. When I first started to explore ageplay and what being little meant to me, I didn’t have any “fancy” gear or anything- most of my “gear” came from the dollar stores. At my core, I’m still very much a little on a budget. It’s not just gear that gets overly glamorized but dates as well. Caregiver and little dates don’t have to be expensive trips to the toy stores or Disney.

For those who also consider themselves or just are a little, middle, caregiver, pet, etc., on a budget- fear not! There are many ways to enhance headspaces and find cute things while also not putting too big of a dent in anyone’s wallet. 

My favorite places to shop for little gear and accessories are always dollar and dollar plus stores. You can find some really neat hidden gems at them sometimes that very few people have! Plus, the most I’ve spent at one of these places on a single item was $10 and that was on a unicorn stuffie I recently bought that I’ve seen go for $20+ elsewhere. They’re also great places to find new toys to add to your toy bag! Most of my BDSM toys have come from these places as well! The way I look at it is that if it breaks, gets stolen or if it needs to become my bottom’s toy due to blood- I’m not out a lot of money. These stores also carry pet supplies as well so you can find toys for yours or your partner’s pet spaces as well! 

Five Below is another favorite place of mine! They even have things for people who identify as an older little or even a middle. Everything there is between $1-$5 and they have a little bit of everything! Stuffies, blankets, coloring books, games, puzzles, toys, makeup, clothes, candy- they have it all! It’s really one of my favorite places to go and shop for props for shoots and other fun little items! I’ve found my favorite pair of shoes there and they were only $5!

Speaking of pet stuff, PetCo has some really interesting little toys as well. Now, hear me out, in their puppy section they have some really cute crinkle-y toys sometimes and they’re durable because they’re made for dogs. They can be a little bit more expensive than the places I’ve listed above but their clearance can be a gold mine! You can also find pervertibles there as well so you can help build up your toy bag!

With the change in trends favoring more nostalgic items stores like Hot Topic, Walmart, and Target are fantastic for little clothing and accessories. Hot Topic has definitely strayed from the store they were in the 00s and is more of a pop culture haven. Walmart and Target both carry cute nerdy shirts and pajamas as well. Plus, their clearance can be pretty great! On the subject of clearance, right after the various holidays is a great time to find stuffies for a discount at Walmart. You’d be surprised just how low they can go with the prices! Target’s Bullseye spot usually has some cute little stuff as well!

I’m also quite the fan of going thrifting. I’ve found a bunch of various little gear and accessories from there shirts, stuffies, decor for my playspace, shoes, and books! Plus, the most I’ve spent on a single item there is $5.99. You can find Buildabears with outfits at some for $1.99. Garage sales and flea markets are also other great places to check out as well! 

If you have a reward/punishment element in your dynamic, you can make going to stores like Five Below or the dollar store a way to redeem your reward! 

There are so many cute date ideas! Some of mine are going thrifting with my Daddy. We see who can find the coolest or weirdest things at the thrift store and just enjoy spending the day going from one thrift shop to another. More times than not we end up leaving empty-handed but it’s still a lot of fun! When the weather is nicer, going on picnics is also a great idea! You don’t need to bring anything fancy and can just enjoy the nice weather and spending time together. If you and your partner like to read, head to your local library and pick out books to read to one another. Some libraries even have special activities or even movie nights! If yours doesn’t take out a movie from the library, build a blanket fort or something similar and have one of your own in your living room. Some museums also have free days or pay what you want/can days. Check them out and go on a scavenger hunt; it’s a fun way to learn something new! You can even go on a scavenger hunt through your own town and maybe find someplace that you didn’t know existed. Or you could go play Pokemon Go in a park! Daddy and I have been doing that a bunch lately even with the colder weather; it gets us out of the house, gets us moving and is a lot of fun!  

These are just some ideas! Get creative and see what else you and your partner(s) can come up with! And just remember, you don’t need gear to be a valid little, middle, pet, or however else you may identify. You are just as valid no matter what.


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2019. Mine has started with Daddy and I losing a tire. Hooray for us. -_- But other than that the year hasn’t been all that bad given that we’re into day six of it.

I typically don’t set like resolutions or anything like that because I never stick to them but this year I’m going to be setting some goals that I’d like to work towards. These aren’t in any particular order.

♡ Start using my cameras more. I have a pretty nice full-frame DSLR, quite a few lenses, and two Instax cameras that I barely use. My goal in the new year is to change that and maybe step away from using my iPhone camera so much.

♡ Get my nursery and play area set up. I really need to buckle down, finish organizing and decide on decor for my space. The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is finding storage that is a.) practical b.) something I like. But I got this and can do it!

♡ Write more on here. Continue with my “A Little Guide To” and “A Plus Size Kid’s Guide To” series as well as post more about my life in general.

♡ Maybe start a Youtube channel. I’ve been saying that this is something I want to do for years. I either need to decide to do it and take the plunge or just not.

♡ Eat better, drink more water, and go to the gym more. This isn’t for vain reasons for me, totally fine if it is for you though! This is so that my symptoms of my chronic illness lessen. It’s frustrating being a blogger when you want to write but you’re in such a fog that you can’t form a coherent sentence. A lot of that has to do with how I’m treating my body and my chronic illness as a whole.

♡ Leave the bullshit in the past and love more. This is pretty self explanatory.

♡ Continue to spread positivity and light within the community. This one I hold near and dear to my heart. I strive to be the best me that I can be in order to inspire and help others with their journey in this community and I want to continue to do that for as long as I am able to.

What about you? Did you set any New Year resolutions or goals?

A Plus Size Kid’s Guide To: Onesies Downunder’s Overalls!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for promotional purposes. However, all thoughts, feelings, and photos are my own and are not forced.

When Onesies Downunder announced that they were coming out with overalls, I was super excited….and still am! The Pastel Galaxy Overalls were not what I was expecting at all and I mean that in a good way! When I hear overalls I think denim, but these are fabric overalls. They’re soft, breathable, comfortable to move in, stretchy, and something I’m definitely looking forward to wearing out once the warmer weather arrives. Unlike wearing traditional denim overalls, I don’t feel like I’m going to wear down the inner thigh area by wearing them and living my best life. Additionally, the fabric isn’t tight when I bend over, move around or sit. My thighs also have plenty of room to breathe and don’t feel constricted. I seriously cannot stress enough how freaking comfortable they are. Honestly? If it weren’t for the buckles, I’d total wear this to bed like one of those nighttime romper things.

Overalls in a pink, green, lavender, blue galaxy pattern resting upon a pink fuzzy blanket.

To put them on you step into them, pull them up, and then slip your arms through the straps. I also prefer this over “traditional” overalls because sometimes the buttons can be a pain in the ass. No buttons, no problems. The buckles on the straps are easy to work with and adjust either when alone or if you have a partner or friend around. They slide with ease and they don’t need too much fussing around to get that “just right” fit. The overalls also have an open back to them, which I think helps with them being so comfortable and less restrictive. Continuing on, if you’ve read some of my other reviews or have met me in person you’ll know one thing I appreciate on a garment more than anything is pockets and these overalls definitely do not disappoint in that department. The two deep pockets are a nice touch and even when I had my JellyCat, Moonbeam in the one and a full sippy cup in the other they didn’t feel weighed down.

Leg opening of the same overalls.

I wear a size 3XL in Onesies Downunder’s onesies but seeing the size chart for the overalls and not knowing what the fabric was going to be like or how much stretch they’d have, I sized up to their 4XL. I could have easily ordered my usual size and would have been fine. While the overalls do fit me nicely, even in the larger size, I have a lot of extra room in the chest given that I’m not incredibly busty. In the waist, I have a comfortable amount of extra room, not as much as I do in the bust, but still could size down for a snugger fit. Like with their onesies, I recommend that you take your measurements, look at the size chart, and base the size you order off of that and how you like your clothes to feel.

Size chart taken from www.onesiesdownunder.com

The fit, to me, is incredibly flattering. As a bigger little there are certain areas that overalls like to make front and center but I didn’t feel like these overalls did that partially due to the way they are constructed, the fabric, and the pattern.

White Basics Onesie, Pastel Galaxy Paci Clip & Soft Glittery Green Pacifier are all by Onesies Downunder. Discount code: thatlittlerebella

At the end of the day, I think Onesies Downunder is on to something good with these overalls. They’re fun, playful, and are just a comfortable piece of clothing that’ll make a great addition to any little one’s wardrobe. It’s nice to see Onesies Downunder start to branch out from just producing onesies and I think in the new year, Onesies Downunder will easily be a one-stop shop for all your little/ageplay/abdl clothing and accessory needs.

If you’re going to pick up a pair of the Pastel Galaxy Overalls for yourself or someone else make sure to use my code, thatlittlerebella, at checkout to receive a discount off of any order from www.onesiesdownunder.com!

Another great weekend?!

I had a really amazing weekend and if you’re keeping track at home….that’s two in a row, which is super amazing! Despite how great the weekend of Dec. 5th was though, I’ve been in a funk for a while now and I haven’t been able to shake it. Cue this weekend.

It was the weekend of my NYC Ageplay Munch’s holiday party….which only became a party due to an event happening at the place where our scavenger hunt was going to happen and the weather lying to me about it being too gross to do anything outside. We did some crafts, colored, ate food and just hung out and enjoyed each others’ company; it was a really nice time! One of my very good friends even popped my JellyCat cherry by surprising me with one of the unicorn ones for a Christmas gift. Afterwards some of us went to the shops in Bryant Park to check out the Squishable popup and it was such a pain in the ass to get around it but it was cool to see all the different shops and the big tree there! From there we walked over to the Rilakkuma popup and that was ~magical~! I have two Korilakkumas but no Rilakkumas…but that changed! I got the basic Rilakkuma but with a special NYC shirt on it. It was so amazing in there! I wanted all the kumas! The Disney store was the final stop that evening and it was PACKED! The checkout lines were too long so we didn’t get anything. After that we bid farewell and went our separate ways.

Daddy and I had a sort of scary situation arise while waiting for the bus. A person was getting severely agitated that a bus that runs on the hour wasn’t there at 7:30pm. He was cursing under his breath, stomping his feet and just getting louder and louder; he started to scare some of the other passengers! Luckily, our bus was on time and he got off at the second stop. He was a real asshole.

Sunday was a super chill! Daddy and I went out with someone who I can’t even call a friend anymore, he’s family. Seriously, this kid has been there for me through so much, and I for him, and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. We went for brunch and I got tasty French toast, eggs and coffee! It was so perfect. Then we went to go see my crib, which Daddy says will be coming home very soon! I’m so excited but I have SO much left to do in order to get my space set up! Eeeeps! We went to my favorite dollar plus store to check it out for little things and I ended up getting a cute unicorn plus that’s super squishy and cute!! We parted ways after that and Daddy and I had dinner with my folks and just chilled the rest of the night.

On the way home yesterday we stopped at a Goodwill and I found a mini Squishmallow for less than $2…so I grabbed it.

Overall, this weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge and start feeling like me again. It was super weird being home and my cat not being there though. I even looked for him in his usual sleeping spots. I’m hoping with time that it’ll get easier being there without him.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

I had a really good weekend/week!

I had a pretty good weekend/week! My darling bratty play partner came to visit and it was so nice to hang out and see her. I got to take her to the toy swap thing I go to and she made out like a damn bandit! I’m so happy that at her first one she found things she liked! I got a baby bottle rattle, a Good Luck Bear stuffed animal and a big book of Care Bear stories! I even stayed under my $25 limit that I set for myself at these things….unless there’s something super special. We also went thrifting and she got a few cool things; I didn’t find anything that “wowed” me enough to get it though. 

My MD group also went bowling and that was a lot of fun. The lanes upgraded a bit, which means their prices also went up unfortunately but it happens. Afterwards we went to Denny’s for some late night foods and to be able to talk without having to scream over music. It was a really nice time! On the 15th my NYC group has their holiday event, which I’m looking forward to as well! 

Housemate 1 and I went shopping on Monday. I picked up a prop for the shoot I did that night in my new Onesies Downunder onesie, got some Bowie socks and patches that I’ve been eyeing since their release (best part is they were on clearance!), found Daddy’s Christmas present, and snagged some peanut butter trees w/ reese’s pieces in them. When we got home, I ended up taking a nap until Daddy came home so we could shoot. Santa made a guest appearance in my photoset and if you’re not following me on Insta- you’re definitely missing out on them! 

I’ve mainly spent the rest of the week relaxing, recharging and getting ready for this upcoming weekend. I’m not feeling super great and I really hope that resting up will change that. Daddy’s vacation has started and he’s off until the new year so that should be interesting. I have a pretty set routine so it’ll be thrown off with him being here but oh well. I guess I’ll just have to adapt and deal, haha.

Also! Three wishlist presents came in! I got two cute coloring books and a cow rattle! If you’d like to send some holiday cheer my way, you can do so by clicking this link! It’s totally not an obligation but if you do send me something please remember to leave a gift note in order for me to say thank you!

That’s all I have to say for now. I hope you all are having a great week so far! 

Oh, Tumblr.

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard that Tumblr will be closing its doors to adult content on December 17th. That means it’ll be a totally useless platform to me and many others. With that being said, this blog is going to get a lot more use and I might start a Patreon or Ko-Fi to help fund what I want to do with it. 

What I can say for sure is that a series I was doing on Instagram and what was suppose to start on Tumblr will be migrated over to here. Basically, I’m going to be taking a series of photos in order for you all to get to know me better as a little and kinkster. However, on here, you’ll get a little bit more of a detailed explanation as to why certain things are being posted. And, who knows, there might be exclusive content on here that Instagram won’t see! With Tumblr killing itself here, my Instagram, my Fetlife and my Twitter will be my primary places of expression. And I’ve been wanting to utilize this platform more anyways. 

So I guess this Tumblr thing might be a blessing in disguise for me. I’m definitely sad that a blog I’ve had since 2013 is going to be non-existent essentially because I’ve made so many friendships and have had so many good times putting together my blog to represent me. -sigh-

On to bigger & better things though, right? 

A Plus Size Kid’s Guide To: Bat Rattles by TK’s Corner!

// Dislaimer: This product was not sent to me for the purpose of a review. All thoughts, feelings and photos are my own. //

I first came across TK’s Corner on Instagram where I saw one of their absolutely darling bat rattles and I just knew I had to have one. Seeing people get theirs and how much they loved them just kept stinging as I wasn’t in a place to order one until recently. The bat rattles retail for $20 and shipping was $2.66, however, if you follow them on Instagram they have a story highlight with promoter codes that you can use to receive a discount. I used one of them to purchase mine and it came out to $20.66. I had to get the lavender one as it’s one of my favorite colors and I love spooky leaning pastel things! The rattles come in other colors such as blackwhiteseafoam green, and baby blue! 

I placed my order on November 15th and began the waiting game. Because this item is made to order, I knew I might have a little bit of a wait and I was okay with it. My bat was shipped on November 23rd, with tracking, and I received it on November 27th due to a delay with my own post office. While still in transit TK’s Corner reached out to me via DM to apologize for how long it took to ship, which I thought was pretty good customer service. Shipping was very discreet with my rattle arriving in a plain yellow mailer. Upon opening the package I was greeted with tissue paper wrapped into a neat little square with the shop’s logo on top.

I found my bat rattle folded up and neatly tied with a little bow, two pieces of candy, some stickers, a thank you note, a business card and a coupon for my next order.I untied my bat rattle to let its wings breathe and I can’t express how adorable its little face is; it is absolutely so damn precious!

The overall construction of the rattle is very, very sturdy which is definitely important. Even the eyes and nose are in there pretty nicely and I’m not afraid of them falling out or becoming loose! Not to mention the details in the wings! You can definitely tell how much time, love, and energy went into making it! I’m really happy with how soft the rattle is both in touch and sound. The rattle inside isn’t overbearing or loud which I like as I can play with it and not worry about it getting annoying. On the back of the rattle is the shop’s logo sewn into the fabric but there aren’t any sharp, scratchy or uncomfortable edges to distract from playing with it. 

Speaking of playing with it! I loved that when I shook it the wings looked like they were flapping making it look like my little batty friend was flying! Other than it’s appealing rattling sound, I’ve found myself just petting and playing with the bat’s wings. I think if crinkle-y material could be added into the wings these rattles would be an amazing easy to travel with sensory toy for those who may not want something as large as a sensory cube. I know I’d pay extra for that option!

Besides the ever so charming bat rattles, TK’s Corner also makes a bunch of different toys, bibs, pacifier clips, bows and so much more! I’m really impressed by the variety the shop has to offer and the creativity that they display. 

Ghosts Onesie and Lavender Paci are by Onesies Downunder. Discount code: thatlittlerebella

Overall, I had a 10/10 experience with TK’s Corner and will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future. This bat rattle is absolutely adorable and I am determined to create an army of bats to keep the spook going all year round. If TK’s Corner isn’t on your radar yet, they definitely should be.

You can find TK’s Corner on Instagram and Etsy